Tim Pamplin

TV Cameraman, Reporter, Producer, FAA Drone Pilot

Documenting News Around The Globe, Paying Particular Attention To Detroit.

Below are a few recent highlights..

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Mystery water leak trapping elderly woman inside Detroit home

DETROIT – An 88-year-old Detroit woman’s home is surrounded by flood waters. Several homes in the area of Joy Road and Grand River Avenue are surrounded by water. However, the city has not been able to find the source of the leak. “The water main was built circa 1917. We know where the sewers are, we know where the water main is, but unfortunately we don’t know where this 32-inch pipe is,” said Sam Smalley, COO of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. City officials are unsure where the pipe

Piece of Eisenhower High School history in Macomb County found on film inside vintage camera

MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Thomas Dilger, 19, knows much about cameras and photography, being an avid collector. He purchased an Argus C3 camera -- built in Ann Arbor -- with film still inside for $20. Inspecting the film, faint images appeared on it. He then scanned them into his computer with one catching his attention. “It’s a not fan blade, it’s a helicopter rotor,” he said. “I looked at the shape of the helicopter and I realized I saw that helicopter before.” The helicopter resembled one i

Massive search underway for missing 79-year-old grandfather in Lapeer County

LAPEER COUNTY, Mich. – The search for a missing grandfather from Lapeer County has stretched into three counties after the 79-year-old went hiking and didn’t come home. Joseph Mindelli, who went missing Monday morning, enjoyed hiking the path. A community came together Wednesday night looking for him. “It’s hell looking for you dad lost in the woods,” said his son, Joe Mindelli. “We need to keep going and we need to keep searching for him. We need to find him, we want him home,” said his daug

Video shows moments leading up to tanker truck fire on I-75 in Troy

TROY – Police have released new footage showing the moment a tanker truck driver lost control and slammed into a median on Interstate 75 in Troy, causing an explosion. The incident happened at about 1:15 p.m. on Monday near Big Beaver Road. Authorities said a section of the freeway is expected to be closed through at least Tuesday morning’s rush hour. More: I-75 in Troy to remain closed through Tuesday morning rush hour after massive tanker truck fire More: Tanker truck catches fire on northb

Man in stolen ambulance leads police on chase in Metro Detroit

MELVINDALE, Mich. – Police officers from multiple agencies pursued a stolen ambulance through several communities. The ambulance was stolen when medics went into a convenience store, leaving the vehicle running. Police followed the man on Interstate 75, through Downtown Detroit and back on the freeway over the Rouge River bridge before traveling on West Outer Drive into Melvindale. The chase ended in the area of Greenfield and Allen roads. The suspect was taken into custody. One officer was i

Video: Thieves beat, rob man of gold chain at Detroit gas station

DETROIT – A man was attacked when thieves targeted him for his gold chain on Detroit’s west side. The incident happened at a Mobil gas station in the area of West Warren Avenue and Grand Boulevard. Surveillance video showed the thieves chasing the man into the gas station. They tackled him to ground and took his chain, valued at $20,000, before taking off in a vehicle. The gas station owner said he recognized one of the thieves as someone who had previously stolen jewelry before from another

Fire truck hit by SUV, crashes into gas station on Detroit’s east side

DETROIT – A fire truck crashed into a gas station after it was hit by an SUV on Detroit’s east side. The crash happened at the Citgo at State Fair Avenue and Dequindre Street. Video shows the fire truck hitting another vehicle and a gas pump, causing a fire. “You see people running... I saw the fire truck run up on the curb, I saw it hit the gas station. People just started running like it was going to be an explosion,” said witness James Dorsey. Three firefighters and three other people were

Police arrest man seen on camera stealing Bentley from Southfield business

SOUTHFIELD – A man who was seen on camera stealing a $200,000 Bentley from a Southfield business has been arrested. Sam Zahr, owner of Dream Luxury Car Rentals on Telegraph Road, said he received tips, which lead police to an apartment complex on Eight Mile Road. PREVIOUS: Bentley stolen from Southfield business; police search for man caught on camera “The officers set up on a surveillance operation,” said Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren. Police spotted a white Ford Escape -- the vehicl

Family remembers 78-year-old man killed in hit-and-run in Detroit

DETROIT – Friends and family gathered on Monday to honor a 78-year-old great-grandfather who was killed last week in a hit-and-run incident in Detroit. Thomas Starks was crossing Seven Mile Road near Heyden Street when he was hit. PREVIOUS: 78-year-old killed in hit-and-run at 7 Mile, Heyden in Detroit “My dad’s a good guy,” said Starks’ daughter Janet Starks. “He beat all kinds of illnesses to be crossing the street and somebody to take him out. It hurts so bad.” Thomas Starks beat cancer,

Candlelight concerts hosted in Downtown Detroit

DETROIT – A church in Downtown Detroit is now hosting safe and socially distanced candlelight concerts. The concerts are held at St. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church on St. Antoine in partnership with event organizer Fever. “It’s actually been a special experience to be able to bring live music to people in a really safe and comfortable way. This particular experience works really well with socially distancing because were able to space everyone out,” said Bree McCormack, event manager at Fever.

6-year-old girl killed in vehicle crash in Waterford Township

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 6-year-old girl was killed in a crash Wednesday night in Waterford Township. UPDATE: Police reveal what led to four-car crash that killed 6-year-old girl The crash happened in the area of M-59 and Airport Road. Witnesses said the driver crashed into two vehicles. The mother was at a dealership picking up her new car. Her husband and daughter were in the family’s other vehicle. The family was at a traffic light when the driver crashed into the vehicles. Watch T

A closer look at mystery lights along I-75 near Holly

HOLLY, Mich. – Several people have reported strange lights along I-75 near Holly. But the lights turned out to be drones from Metro Detroit-based Firefly Drone Shows. The company is one of three in the country permitted by the FAA to fly drones for entertainment. “The show itself spans about 500 to 600 feet across the sky. It’s absolutely massive. People from miles away can see this display,” said Ryan Sigmon with Firefly Drone Shows. You can watch Tim Pamplin’s full story in the video above.

Stolen truck with snow plow used to break into Melvindale gas station

MELVINDALE, Mich. – Police are investigating after a stolen truck with a snow plow on it was used to break into a Mobil gas station near Oakwood and Schaefer in Melvindale. Early Thursday morning at the Mobil gas station a couple men arrived in the truck. On their first attempt to get inside they barely knocked the doors off the hinges. With one of the doors not fully open, one of the men reached through to unlock it, which is when broken glass fell on him. When that wasn’t enough, the two men

Man spends savings on free gas for nurses at Detroit Medical Center

DETROIT – A Good Samaritan purchased gas for nurses Wednesday and Thursday at the Exxon Express gas station on Mack Avenue and I-75 near DMC Hospital. Allen Marshall had saved money for something he had his eyes on, but the COVID-19 outbreak changed his mind. He set up shop by the DMC with a sign that said “free gas for nurses” and decided to give back to those on the front lines. Watch Tim Pamplin’s full story in the video posted above. Anyone who believes they might have coronavirus should

Street racing leads to violent crash on Detroit’s west side

DETROIT – Police said that a street race ended in a violent crash on Detroit’s west side. The crash sent debris flying all over the neighborhood. Witnesses said they were in the 96 and Livernois area when they saw a 1999 Grand Prix racing with a Kia Soul. The driver of the Grand Prix was going about 80 mph when it went out of control. The drivers could not be located. Watch the video above for the full report
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