I Refuse To Believe The Local Detroit News Has A Reporter With The Thickest British Accent Of All Time

The story here is how wildly unprepared my ears were to hear this British accent come through my computer speakers. It's not as if Detroit has some distinct accent, pretty standard American English overall so I didn't really have any expectations which is what made this whole experience so jarring. To the point where I thought this was a fake news story. Like yeah someone got their chain snatched but someone else took the feed and dubbed over a fake news anchor voice. Classic internet prank. But

Two Fire Engines Crash Into Same Gas Station In Two Years And Local News Narrates It Like A Soccer Game

A Lincoln Navigator crashed into a fire engine on Detroit’s east side on Wednesday, causing the engine to plow into a gas station in spectacular fashion. That’s crazy enough, until you learn that this is the second time that a fire engine has crashed into this particular gas station in the last two years. Even better is how the local news covered it. Let me get this out of the way and say that everyone is OK. Occupants inside of the vehicles involved were taken to the hospital and treated for m

Leamington and Kingsville greenhouse glow draws attention of Detroit news media

It seems the light pollution of greenhouses in the Leamington and Kingsville area isn’t just an issue on our side of the border. On Wednesday night, Detroit’s Local 4 WDIV television news devoted a segment to the “mysterious colorful lights in the sky” that have resulted in bylaw discussions in multiple Essex County municipalities. “You’ve heard of the Northern Lights. But now, let us introduce you to Detroit’s very own Southern Lights,” said Local 4 news anchor Kimberly Gill. “Sometimes purpl

The day of the Nightcam: Detroit’s Local 4 roaming reporter covers the sundown city

For a while there, it looked as though the night would be a bust. A quick trip to the east side, on news of a 2-year-old hit by a car, turned into not much of anything. The driver stopped; the little girl was probably going to be OK. A rollover accident on I-75 was promising, but you could see the driver awake and talking on the stretcher as he was wheeled to the ambulance. In a city with so many freeways, a car crash has to be fatal to make the news, or at least a lot more interesting than a o

Local Expat and Expert React to Latest Brexit Kerfuffle

We have many of our own political quagmires in America right now — but across the Atlantic, in England, a really interesting one has been unfolding too. This week, the British House of Commons held two important votes — one was a monumental defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May, and the other was a minor victory. Lawmakers said no to her Brexit plan to leave the European Union by a historic margin, but then she survived a vote of no confidence. That leaves Britain and the EU in a lurch. What