About Me

It's the question everyone asks - who is this Nightcam?

You've seen his work, but maybe not seen his face. Tim Pamplin, better known as Nightcam, has been an elusive fan favorite since 1999.

Tim is living his childhood dream of becoming a TV cameraman, and has been honored with several broadcasting awards with Local 4 including two Edward R. Murrow awards and three Emmy awards.

Born in Haverhill, Suffolk, an English farming area of East Anglia about 50 miles north of London, Tim moved to Chicago in 1992 where he worked as a still photographer.

Since moving to Detroit in 1994 he has become an important part of the WDIV News team, both as a photojournalist who captures incredible images and as a reporter bringing home the breaking news first on the scene.

Not only can Tim be found all across town, but also frequently covers national events and international specials for Local 4.

Tim says his three-week assignment covering the Sept. 11 terror attacks in New York City was one of his most significant professional endeavors. "I saw both the very worst and the very best of the human condition," he says.

Nightcam has traveled the world, reporting and filming in places such as Moscow, Shanghai, Athens, Kosovo, Italy, Beijing, Germany, Honduras, Brazil, Ireland and of course the United Kingdom.

He also covered the Oklahoma City bombing from the beginning through the ultimate execution of Timothy McVeigh at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind.

A self proclaimed "news junkie," Nightcam is a current affairs nut. Which may explain his passion for capturing the latest events and keeping viewers in the know.

Just one question remains. Why have we never seen his face?

Well, because he's holding the camera, of course!